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The Small Fritz - Learn to Play Chess
[EAN-13: 9783932992544]
36,92EUR 29,00EUR

They indicate as of 8 years, but totally it is included/understood and handled from the 7 years.

He learns to play the chess of another way! In this original adventure of chess he guides himself the students smoothly, are young or adult, by the game of kings. How move the pieces? What means drowned? To what opposition is called? What is that of mate in stairs? Of clear and expressive form many doubts are clarified those more and about the chess, framed in the history of Prince Fritz, who is replacing his father during the vacations. From very ugly and thoughtless form, just then the duel of chess against Black King arises... and ay! the small Fritz does not have nor idea of how he gambles... However, with the aid of King Pintojo, and animated by its brave Bianca premium and the rate of culvert I read Ready, the small Fritz it accepts the challenge and it learns to play the chess amusing themselves, crossing different stations from game and training in the Gymnasium of Neurons. In the end not only it knows the rules the game of kings but also will have found out the tracks and way tricks it is possible to be faced Black King or preparation, able to demonstrate what it has learned.

One remembers how learned to play the chess? Perhaps it was of the typical, classic way: with the grandfathers like profe that never lost the patience? Or in the club of chess, one of those short courses given by a somewhat rare but simultaneously likeable uncle? Perhaps he was a self-taught one, that learned with the aid of a pocket book? Now ChessBase and the famous German publishing house Terzio, specialized in software for children, finishes publishing an interactive program of education to learn and to train chess.

The small Fritz is an original adventure of chess that guides its "apprentices smoothly", are young or adult, he matched of kings, living interactive situations and applying to the Didactics more efficient entertaining and than he has: learning playing. In fact, history and the games are so funny that until which already knows the chess they will enjoy a pile this CD-ROM.


Prince Fritz has hardly taken possession from the position to replace his father, King Blanco, who has left to spend days of vacations next to the sea with his wife, and already begins the mess:

Evil King Negro takes advantage the situation immediately and challenges the boy to face him in a chess duel. But... the small Fritz does not have nor idea of how he gambles! Ay! However, animated by his brave Bianca premium, that has great initiative, it accepts the challenge. It would lack more: one is to defend the honor of the real house!

And thus history starts up. Fritz and Bianca go to the sand where the duel is going to take place. Over its way they trip over King Pintojo, who is an old friend of the family. Naturally, this gentleman cheers and kindly he is arranged to help the children to prepare itself to the duel. By means of a collection of games with sonorous names, as "the Taking apart of Toilets "or "the Skirmish of Pawns", teaches to them how it gambles each one of the pieces. And all this without using a chessboard. That is to say, that the nascent ones at those moments not even will realize of which in fact it is to play the chess.

After these games of heating, the children will put themselves to train in the Gymnasium of Neurons to acquire knowledge. There the rate of culvert has its dominions I read Ready, an old and experienced trainer of chess under whose baton they will begin to practice how it is possible to be won to the adversary in the board. Interesting questions like, EP will treat, What is that of mate in stairs? What means drowned? And tables? To what opposition is called? The same didactic way is followed and it is to give explanations very original and simultaneously easy to understand and to remember. And thus the hour arrives to train aplicadamente in the virtual board, teaching all the necessary one to deepen in the game of the chess, that is to say, not only the rules and as the pieces move, but also the tactical advantages that each of them lodges. Why it would serve to know how moves the tower if soon it were not known how to give mate to the adversary with her?

There is a data base of training for each one of the sections with many positions different to be able to practice the plays in the corresponding situations. All this always under the kind company and monitoring of the untiring trainer I read Ready, who identifies the errors and explains since each thing must become. The degree of difficulty of the exercises is increasing little by little and it will be learned step by step. One is to play to play the chess. When one has practiced sufficiently a subject is received a Cup

Whoever to verify how it goes to him in the training can raise the scale of brains so that the trainer I read Ready weighs the "neurons to him" that take developed. Once realised all the tests in the rooms of slight, average and heavy weights, the great moment arrives: the duel in the sand against unpleasant King Negro begins! Now it is necessary to be kind and to concentrate itself to be able well to give him it last to this so dangerous opponent... Here or one will be if one has managed to become a "small strategist" or in a "great tactical one". And, with something of luck and much manna, already can come out windy in the defense of the honor of the white real house!

A pile of chess diversion: and from the beginning endless.

After the duel with King Negro diversion of the chess finishes to the adventure but not it. At any time it can return to face King Pintojo or to challenge King Negro to play con again or also I read Ready, according to its tastes and the force that wishes in its adversary. Who wishes to continue also training will be able to do it. There are about 500 exercises that will be recreated dynamically in each section. Certainly some fan to the chess until can see itself attemped beat the record in the games, EP, to be best "romperretretes" for all time or to fill the pockets to him of dinerillo to Mrs. Punyo Closed in his full tower of spiders.

Next to all this, the small Fritz allows him to accede to the room of children of the chess servant of ChessBase www.playchess.com to throw games and to play matches by means of Internet. In him he can face other fans worldwide, can chatear, watch games or take part in short courses from training Many friendly by means of the chess will become! The small Fritz not only will offer an incomparable initiation to the game of the 64 squares but also he will abrirá the doors to them to the great fascinating world of the chess.

And for the most professional chess players the small Fritz not only will be an entertained CD but also an optimal opportunity to get passionate to the more friendly his by their liking. An original gift for children, godsons, nephews, friendly will be everything... To even occur a tribute to one same one: we think that it will not defraud to him and that finally will find a form funny to learn to play the chess.


  • Design of screens and programming: Renate Wünschl y Thomas Polajnar GbR
  • Illustrations: Jörg Hilbert
  • Programming unit Fritz: Mathias Feist (ChessBase GmbH)
  • Format: CD-Rom
  • Presentation: Box DVD
  • Creation: ChessBase GmbH 2002
  • ISBN: 978-3-932992-54-4
  • EAN-13: 9783932992544
  • Languages: Spanish version

Minimun PC System Requirements:

  • Pentium II 233 processor or equivalent, 233 MB
  • 32 MB RAM (16 MB free memory)
  • 16-bit soundblaster compatible sound card
  • 16 speed CD-ROM drive
  • Graphics card: resolution 800x600 pixels (16-bit colour)
  • Windows 95 / 98 / ME / XP / VISTA
  • Not running on Japanese, Korean and Chinese Windows Systems.
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 18 June, 2010.

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The Small Fritz - Learn to Play Chess
The Small Fritz - Learn to Play Chess

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