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Climbing Wall. How to Play the Berlin
[Escalando el Muro Berlinesa Bernal]

How to Play the Berlinesa with white and black.

The Berlin has become one of the most fashionable defenses. Few elite grandmasters have not included in their repertoire. And of course, this elitist opening is spreading among the players club and is increasingly more often in their games. It may seem that the understanding of many of the subtleties and ideas of secondary lines or end is a complicated task, but it is actually not that difficult to understand. In the middle game without ladies, for example, when we play Ad7-Rc8, or Ke8, or 'mysterious' retreat to e7 horse, play h6 or h5, the a5 advance, or even b6?

This book Master International and national coach Luis Javier Bernal lets us share his discoveries in the lines end, ideas updated in the jungle of anti-Berlin and covers some secondary lines (5.dxe5!?, Berlin Old 7 ... Ce4), with possibility of building codes based on the latter.

As good openings treaties, Luis makes a historical review of the ideas and how they evolve to the present day. And also selected a number of indispensable master games to thresh the main ideas. The Spaniard Bernal completes this work with a series of exercises, very educational for all kinds of fans wishing definitely become familiar with this defense.

Before Vladimir Kramnik, who surprisingly based on this lower defense considered to overcome in his match Kasparov, in 2000, players like Aleksandrov and Almasi were his main supporters. After the success of Kramnik few thought that he would continue in vogue for more than 15 years; but it turns out, being a rich variation in shades, black have followed different directions to stay alive and, several times, with the potential to get more than a draw.

The amateur who do not want to incorporate it into their repertoire and need not confront her with the white pieces has a reason to understand it. In the games we broadcast live online platforms, we see several times this opening. And besides, if the ideas are understood, more chess and the creative process of elite players is understood.

In short, we believe this book -completely updated to June 2016 is indispensable in this very moment. And it is written in a very readable and easy to understand language, ideal for this opening is made more entertaining. Luis Javier Bernal solo debuts as an author with an outstanding job, which will be published in Russian and English soon.

Luis Bernal. MI since 1996. Standard GM in 2008. Curaçao recognized National Coach and commentator for different media such as Jaque, ajedrezencantabria.blogspot.com, etc.


  • Publishing: Chessy
  • Author: Luis Bernal
  • ISBN: 978-84-945611-1-5
  • EAN-13: 9788494561115
  • Format: 16 x 23.5 cm.
  • Binding: Peasant
  • Pages: 230
  • Number edition: 1ª
  • Date edition: 08/2016
  • Language: Spanish
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